Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Trip to Missouri!

So my sister and her husband Bobby went on a cruise with some friends..... so I got to go up to Missouri to watch my cute nieces! I LOVE my nieces so I was so excited. We had sooo much fun and I hope I get cute girls just like them. It was so hard for me to leave. They were so adorable and so much fun to be with. My sister told me that I would either leave being excited to have kids or the exact opposite depending on how they behaved haha, well I left wanting kids even more than before and I thought that was impossible.

Sophie in her little play house

Sophie on the teeter totter

Sophie putting on her make-up with the gifts I brought them

Sophie playing with bubbles!

Sophie happy in her nursery class. I love this picture!

Franny and Sophie on their new toy phone

Franny was so sweet and so helpful the entire trip.

Here is Sophie trying to steal a chocolate chip cookie

Here are the girls playing dress up in the dresses my dad got them. They are such good friends.