Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Joys of Pregnancy

Okay so my back has been REALLY bad for the last couple months on just my right side, and just keeps getting worse and seems to be spreading. So I finally went to the chiropractor yesterday and got a little surprise. He told me that I have a rib that is out of place haha. I sometimes have a sharp pain in my top rib in the front and figured it was just my stomach growing and putting pressure on it, well it turns out that is only some of the reason. My growing stomach is pushing on my right rib that is out of place and with all of the pressure of my growing babies on it is not getting a chance to heal. Not good. I am really scared for when I get really big, crossing the fingers that the chirpopractor can help. Anyways I recently started feeling the rib pop in and out of place in the mornings just like it sometimes use to before I got pregnant. I think I injured it in dance. It never really bothered me though until I got pregnant. The chriropractor said pregnancy brings out our weaknesses, for instance my rib that is out of place :). Anyways so the back and the rib thing are all connected. This week it started hurting pretty much on my entire right side. I really hope he can get rid of this pain before I get much bigger. He is a really good chiropractor and sounds like he will be able to help. I am unfortuantely still in pain after my visit yesterday but some places do not hurt as much so we will see. He has really neat techniques that he uses. No cracking and all of that which I like! Oh well we will see what happens.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Missouri Vacation!

So the week before last Grant and I took a trip to Missouri to visit my sister's family and his brother Brendon and his wife. How perfect is that that they are both there. Of course it is not ideal, I wish they both lived closer. We had a blast....the day before we left we rented a boat and here are some pictures....
Ahhhh...he is so cute! Grant wants to get a boat desperately. He is always looking on craigslist and finding great deals hoping I will give in. As fun as it sounds to have a boat, I always have to remind him that we are expecting twins and need at save all the money we can :). Like we will have time to use the boat when the twins come anyway. Am I right?
Sophie had a hard time at first getting on the boat. Me dropping her into the water before Katherine was ready to catch her did not make her any happier. I felt so bad...she went all the way under. Yet she still let me hold her most of the time on the boat afterwards. It was really fun!
Franny is way too cute and so pretty! She says the cutest things and is so sweet.
My sister Katherine and her husband Bobby.
My loving husband trying to drown me :)
Sophie having fun driving the boat. I love her cute little face!
Here is Grant showing off his back flips. Katherine got an even better picture. Well that is our boat trip, more pictures of Missouri to come.....

The Beach!

So it is Labor Day morning and I am going to catch up on some blogging finally. The last couple weeks we have not had internet and then we went on vacation so that is my far as the last month before that I have no excuse.

So I will start with a beach trip we had back in July with Grant's family. Heidi's family was here which means so were her two cute kids Jackson and Daphne!!!

Grant surfing! I was proud of myself for catching these pictures.
How cute is Jackson? He has the cutest personality and the cutest little face! how I waited to take a picture of us until I had a sweatshirt on :)
They are sooo cute!