Thursday, August 13, 2009

We Are Having Twins!!!!!

Yes it is true....Grant and I went to find out the sex of our baby yesterday and to our surprise TWINS, a boy AND a girl!!! Grant and I both got what we wanted, Grant his boy and me a girl:) It was for sure the biggest shock of my life.

So we go in and I'm laying there and the ultra sound specialist looks at me as soon as she starts the ultra sound and says, thinking I already knew..."So you're having twins." I look up at her and say...."Is that a Joke?" She then says with a big smile, " No I have twins, I wouldn't joke about something like that." Then I start laughing uncontrolably waiting for her to say just kidding but she kept saying it. She thought it was hilarious that we didn't know. I am 18 weeks along and had no idea! She was really darling and made it really fun. So then I look over at Grant and Grant is laughing just like me. We couldn't believe it. The lady had to ask me to stop laughing so she could finish the ultra sound...haha. It wasn't easy. So of course we are so excited but scared at the same time. I'm sure it will all work out.

I will post pictures of the babies once I figure out how to scan them and all of that. They are so cute! The boy was laying on his stomach and the girl was on her back. The boy was kicking the girl in the head. Grant said look he's already beating up his little sister. So exciting!!!!