Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

We are at our Ward's Trunk or Treat in this picture. I bought bags for "them" to get candy but Grant was too embarassed to except candy on their behalf, so we just walked arund and socialized. My arm was killing by the end of the night. Afterwards we went and sat in a hot tub with some friends! My dad was nice enough to watch the babies.
Cute little butterfly.

Honk Honk!!

They were not enjoying getting their pictures taken, and they would not not sit still.

As you can see :)

Warner had had it by this point haha.

They love playing together, unless they are fighting over a toy or the TV remote :) Sometimes Warner can get too rough with her, I know that this is just the beginning. I love it when they laugh at each other though!! Sooo cute!

Cute Little butterfly. Grant kept calling her a fat little catepillar. As we were getting into the car after the trunk or treat Hannah peed all over me and all down her tights. I had changed her right before we left so I was surprised. Grant though it was hilarious, we were both laughing.

Happy Halloween!!!!