Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So Grant and I decided to go to the beach with some of our friends a couple weeks ago. Grant got to go surfing which was nice. It was kind of a bust for the rest of us unfortunately. The weather was pretty overcast as you can see and it was pretty cold. The babies did good though. It was just not worth all of the work. They just stayed in the tent the whole time or wrapped up in a towel in my arms. I had pictured the trip to the beach a little different. I was really craving some warm sun and getting to lay out a little but no such luck. Oh well it was still fun :).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cute Cousins!

Grant's sister Heidi came for a visit a couple weeks ago from Colorado and it was so fun! She has the cutest kids, as you can see in the second picture. I love their little matching outfits. Sheryl and I went to the Lake Elsinore outlets and saw this cute outfit and Sheryl being the awesome gramma that she is decided to get matching outfits for all of the cute grand babies. I love all of these cute babies. It is so fun that Warner and Hannah have so many cousins their age. I wish all of there cousins could live in California. Speaking of cousins that live far away, my sister Katherine just had the cutest baby named Claire Hazel Fields. She is so adorable. I will post pictures of her soon.

The boy cousins joined in.

So fun!
Isn't Daphne so pretty. They are already good friends :). They are 6 months apart.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!!!!

15 weeks!

My dad is so cute with them. They love him so much.

My little princess. She is still so tiny but finally getting bigger :). I will miss her cute little body. She is still wearing newborn clothes. It has been so fun having her so little for so long. She smiles all the time and loves to talk to you. It is way too cute!

He is sweet as can be. He is mister mellow unless he is hungry and he lets out the cutest cry. As you can see he is bigger than Hannah. He is now wearing 0-3 months. It is fun having all these new clothes to put him in now :). He also is smiling a ton now. He has the cutest little dimple. I love how much he looks like his dad.

They have recently started interacting with each other. I need to post the video I got of them laughing and talking to each other. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I will have to post it once I figure out how to post a video.

Gramma comes over every Tuesday night and we love it!!!! We always have so much fun with her. She is the best!!

Happy 25th Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday babe! We love you!!!!

Grant is 25!!! A quarter of a century old. The thing that sucks is that I won't ever be able to tease him about his age because I will always be 3 years older. He always likes to rub that in my face.

We went to dinner at El Toritto Grill with some friends. It was sooo good! I love their tortillas with the butter yummm. We brought the babies and they were so good. Hannah woke up half way through and was pleasant as could be and Warner slept the entire time until we got home. I love these babies. I can't stand to be away from them so Grant let me bring them along. Well Happy Birthday Grant!!!!! I love you soooo much!!!

March 22nd-Happy Anniversary!!!

Grant and I have been married for 2 years now. It is hard to believe that I ever had a life before I met Grant. I could not imagine my life wthout him. He makes me so happy and I love him so much. I cant believe we have 2 kids already :). They are so fun and I love them so much. I love our little family. He is so good to me and our new babies. Thanks for being such a wonderful husband and father. I love you Grant!!!!