Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Special Day

The twins were blessed last Sunday, March 7th. It was the perfect day. The babies were so good. It was so fun to see all of our family and friends. After the blessing we went to my dad's to have lunch. The spirit was so strong the entire day. I feel so blessed to have such sweet spirits in our home every day. If I am stressed about something or having a hard day, I just have to look at them and I realize that everything is okay and I remember I how blessed I am. I love them so much. I love being a mom!!!

My sister Annie and cousin William holding the twins.

My dad is so cute with Hannah. She kept smiling at him.

Hannah and WArner with their great grandparents.

Love this picture!

How cute are they?

They love their Grandma!! I took 10 of these pictures :) Too cute!

Best friends!

Cute Pictures

My friend made these cute beanies

Me kissing my little guy

My cute naked babies. They linked each other's arms when we had them laying down together. So cute!
I love this girl!
Valentines Day. Wearing the outfits grandma bought them.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today my mom would have been turning 55. I actually did not realize that it was her birthday until just a couple hours ago which is great. I just happen to be over at my dad's house for dinner tonight. I called him this morning and asked if we could come over tonight. I was signing up for netflix after dinner and I was looking at some dates and realized that it is already March and then realized that it was March 1st. My mind is always on the twins lately so I think that is why I got so far today without remembering. I have been thinking about it the last couple weeks knowing it was coming. I looked at Annie and said today is March 1st. She then looked at me and she said yeah, that is why you're here. I said no I didn't even plan it that way. So this worked out well that Grant, I and the twins came over here tonight. My mom probably had something to do with it :).

This year was a lot easier than last year that is for sure. I remember last year I was in Relief Society in a new ward. The lesson was on trials. The teacher asked if anyone had experienced a time where they felt like Heavenly Father had really helped them through a trial. I felt so strongly to share how Heavenly Father had helped me so much after my mom passed away and about all of the little things that he did for my family through that time. We just felt like Heavenly Father had really prepared us in so many ways. Anyways I raised my hand and as soon as she called on me I started balling. It seemed like forever until I could finally start speaking. I was SO embarrassed. New ward and everything. Anyways I still could not stop crying even after I was done speaking. Then what hymn do we sing to close? We sing...Where can I turn for peace? I was a wreck. Then the roll comes around to me as we are singing, actually I couldn't even sing, anyways the roll comes around and I see that it is March 1st. I start balling even harder. Not an easy day. I couldn't believe it. February just ends so soon so March always sneaks up on me. It is a good thing. Maybe one of these years I will go a whole day :).

I was thinking of her a lot this past week, these last couple months actually. I can't express how hard it is not having my mom here. It makes me so sad that I cant see her with the twins but I try to stay positive and also just try not to think about it too much. I love you mom and I miss you so much. Happy birthday!