Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!!!

So last Saturday we got to go to the Pumpkin Patch. Unfortuanately we took a lot of the pictures under an orange tent, so sorry about the orange tint. It was a lot of fun! I just love the fall. The twins LOVE their gramma! I love this picture of Sheryl :)
Best picture I could get of the two of them both looking almost at the camera.

I love this picture!!!

Hannah always wants someone to help her walk.

Haha Warner looks like he has a mohawk in these pictures.

What a stud

Cute girl!!!

Warner clapping :)

Happy Fall!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some more pictures....

I realize that I am a horrible blogger. All I do is post pictures of the twins on here. It is true, I have no life other than my babies haha. I just love sharing pictures of them. They love listening to my dad play the guitar.

I surprised them and took a picture from above them. This was there response :)

She is always climbing!! She always climbs this gate and the fireplace. She holds on to the little handles on the fireplace and walks her feet up. I will get a picture of it, I have it on video. She has always been very strong. She always gives Grant and I this proud smile while we are telling her no no trying not to laugh. Warner is always looking at us while this is going on with this huge goofy smile so it makes it very hard for us to be serious haha. The picture below is close to the face he makes.

He was having fun pushing his sister around.

I love it when they make these faces and make the little oooo sounds.

This is Claire!!! Isn't she so beautiful. It was soooo fun to finally meet her and to see her with the twins. She is so sweet and such a good baby. She barely cried the entire weekend. Her and Hannah got along really well. Hannah was even trying to give her hugs and was successful a couple of times. My dad was in heaven with all of his grandkids together last weekend.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maggie's Married!!!!

Okay so all of these pictures are out of order, sorry about that. It was such a great day. Maggie looked so beautiful as you can see and seemed to really be enjoying her wedding day. They are such a cute couple! I was proud of myself for taking this picture :) Such a good looking couple!
The babies playing with their Uncle Richard.
Sweet Aubrey, I love this baby!!! I LOVE how she always has her cute fist against her face when she sleeps. The twins did that too.

My sister Katherine was here with her adorable baby Claire. It was so fun seeing Katherine. It was our families first time meeting Claire. She is so beautiful, I didn't get pictures of her at the wedding unfortunately. I will post pictures of her in the next post. I am soooo mad that we did not get a picture with all of the babies together at the wedding. Oh well.

I lover her cake!!!

Annie and Hannah. Hannah is soooo tired! Long day

As you can see Warner is really tired too. They were troopers. He fell asleep shortly after this picture on Katherine.

Me and the beautiful bride!

Our little family. I like how behind us on the wall it says... All because two people fell in love :) True statement

My happy boy!

The Warner sisters

I love my family :)

I love his little raised eye brow haha
Maggie's beautiful bridesmaids