Friday, November 13, 2015

Things to remember....

Found this post from probably 2011 and wanted to add it.  For some reason I never published it.

Warner is such a great big brother, he is always looking out for Hannah. For example yesterday Grant usually gives half a string cheese to Warner and half to Hannah. Hannah is not a huge fan though so Grant decided to start eating the other half and Warner lost it. Grant said to him, "you already have one," finally Grant gave it to him and Warner ran it over to Hannah. He is always doing stuff like that. He also always hands Hannah her Minnie and blanket when it is time to go to bed before picking up his Mickey and blanket. Love him!
Hannah has this thing right now that she does that she learned from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Everytime Mickey says, "Oh Toodles," she puts her hand and over her mouth just like Mickey and mumbles the words that are not even close to Oh Toodles. Lately whenever she gets in trouble she will do that for me because she knows I think it is so cute.
Warner's big trick right now is he can say, "Ready set GO!!!!" He says ready set really softly and then yells GO will his hands in the air and then claps, meaning he wants us to clap for him.
Lately HAnnah and WArner have been giving each other a lot of hugs and have been walking around holding hands. It melts my heart. It is so fun to watch. I hope they are always good friends.

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